Solutions for work areas and servants who endorse the work of your company.



With protection against overloads for applications in offices, commerce and industries


A wide variety of solutions in cable management that improves the efficiency.


Voltage conditioner

Power Conditioning combining eight strategies to reduce consumption

Fire detection systems

Notify the occupants of the building to evacuate in case of emergency.


Different systems multimedia terminals with access from footprint to vehicle barriers.

Video surveillance systems

Vending and installation of surveillance equipment and security cameras with the latest technology for home and business.

Optical fiber

We got everything for the development of fiber optic systems with the highest quality equipment.

Vehicle Control

For all applications where it is required to control the traffic of vehicles with high quality materials.


We designed and installed systems of saving and regulation of energy with the highest quality.


Customizable security systems that satisfy the necessities with your business


Portable or desktop solution for work areas with high-quality products.


We have the last technology for the network management and wiring.

About us

Our company was founded in 2000 in order to provide quality service to small, medium enterprises and government agencies.

At JM Computers, we are committed to providing quality services that meet the needs of our customers with professional staff.

We have Certifications

Leading Brands in the Technology area



Voice and data projects

Design and construction of telephone and data networks.

Fire detection

Detection systems that allow alert against incidents.

Optical fiber

The best means of transmitting information with greater capabilities

Structured cabling

We make the ideal infrastructure for connections.

Video surveillance systems

Remote surveillance cameras at any time or place.

Vehicle access control

Control Solutions business or residential access with automatic operation

Personal access control

Controls and monitors the flow of personnel of the company.

Design of photovoltaic systems

Power plants based on solar energy

Our work

With over fifteen years serving in the market we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and projects where every day we grow and improve the quality of our services, always focused on customer satisfaction, working with the highest standards quality.

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